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❝Even if things are painful..

..And tough;

People should appreciate..

..What it means to be alive;

At all.❞

cambixn said:

but if you take out the t and put a i after the o it spells yaoiism

mxntis said: 

are you starting a yaoi cult? I want in.


i dont want to participate in your yaoi film


   It i s n ‘ t even      It’s Yatoism! Weren’t you even listening?! 

[12:44:06 PM] Kaneki: OK LIKE
[12:44:10 PM] Kaneki: i had a dream
[12:44:11 PM] Kaneki: about cereal
[12:44:13 PM] Kaneki: like jsut cereal
[12:44:18 PM] Kaneki: amd then i woke up bC MY MOM!! WOKE ME UP!!
[12:44:26 PM] Kaneki: HAAHAH U CULD SYA SHE’S A„„, CEREAL KILLE!!!!!R!!!!


Wait… What—
    Did he just call himself a God? What a creep.
image  ”Oh, t-that’s a nice offer, but I don’t think I need help with anything…”


     “ Are you sure. . .       ? ” 



        /steals all Yato’s money and tells him there are sweaty old men in the costumes at his favorite amusement park, to which an announcer in the bg yells ‘fatality’ as Gin walks away victorious.

   you taKE THAT B AAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/DIES.