◜ 神 ◞ —; Casually celebrates his win loudly.




◜ 神 ◞ —; “..How long do you intend to stare Yukine?

would you give out nudes for five yen?
- Anonymous

◜ 神 ◞ —; “Of course not   What kind of God would I be if I’d did such thing?


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  Kind of startled him when the phone started buzzing — it was rather unusual for someone to call him—

image    ”Oh, it’s Yato.” Places the phone next to his ear before he answers, ”Hello..?”

◜ 神 ◞ —; “Ryota…I’m not sure what to feed your cat, I don’t know which brand of food he likes   " Knowing him, He’s already become adapted to a certain kind of cat food. And as small babies they tend to be very picky.


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◜ 神 ◞ —; Calls Ryota’s phone number and prays to god that he answers.

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places the tiny kitten on ur shoulder tAKE CARE OF MY BBY BYE

♚ - - -; Cue the series of blinks for a brief moment; Brows slightly furrowed at the brunet. “Ryota?" Takes the small kitten down and places it in his arms   Are you going out again?


Looks like he’s on for kitten duty again.