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❝Even if things are painful..

..And tough;

People should appreciate..

..What it means to be alive;

At all.❞

Stop and Stare
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A single onyx earbud was tugged out, black locks obscuring full view of the other

             …. male?

                                    ❝  ——— Uhh, hey-

     What’ll it be this time; Stabbed? Thrown in front of a bus?

Would you possibly be interested in
                             one of my cards? Or    Y a t o i s m; perhaps? 

"Nya! What's Yato's dream?"


For e v e r y o n e to bow down to me!! ” Only in his dreams will that happen at the moment.     Which he’s in right now, so don’t mind the loud laughter.



◤ ❀ ◢ — “Why not, Yato?” Puffs out her cheeks.

I don’t think people will enjoy you drawing on their faces.. ”

   “ Excuse me,
                  good sir !



                            ——— Can’t it wait-?

                   Hiyori’s on my ass about this homework….   

   No, it cannotBesides;
                     you’ve been doing it all day, take a break.
 ” Yato’s orders.


you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen, and no i’m not saying that because we’re right next to McDonald’s and i’m out of money

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what’s your name?  mAYRIN.
when’s your birthday? November tenth omg.
where are you from? America bye.
do you have a crush?  8))))
what’s your favorite colour? Blue.
write something in caps.  yATO IS SO PRECIOUS DO N ‘T///??!??!?
got a favorite band/artist?  NAH… probably.
favorite number? 3.
favorite drink? Dr. pepper.
tag ten people: jasutisu, yukinenoragami, digital-missiles, busui, rxngiku, candysensei. that’s it.