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❝Even if things are painful..

..And tough;

People should appreciate..

..What it means to be alive;

At all.❞

flash giveaway;



i’m still feeling pretty creative & productive ( if you couldn’t already tell by all the graphics i’ve pumped out today ) and am in a hell of a mood to make more in-between replies, so why don’t you guys go ahead and reblog this post for a chance to win a self promo made exclusively by me. the only rule is you’ll need to be following me. ‘ey, the giveaway ends in an hour & i’ll pick one winner through a number randomiser so go wild; examples are below the cut

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                    rule number two,

                           just don’t get attached to,

                               somebody you could lose.

If he gets forgotten,he'll disappear.
If he gets forgotten,he'll disappear.
kisses his ass cheeks tbh


   Kicks his face.

"We were just children
Thrown into an adult war
And now we’re not kids



Nods his head, picking at his own bowl. “No problem.”

   Sits there and thinks hard about life.

i want your booty


   You can’t have it.